Amanda Penrose Hart

Returning home to Brisbane for the first time in thirteen years, Amanda Penrose Hart presents a new series of landscape paintings for her inaugural exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art. Drawing inspiration from extensive travels, Penrose Hart paints en plein air and in her studio, harnessing felt sensation and remembered experience to capture not only the physical landscape but also the essence of a place. ‘To paint is to unravel, deconstruct, explore and repack the truth. To look isn’t to see – to see is what is most important – sounds obvious, but to see is everything,’ reflects the artist.

Over the years Hart has depicted a spectrum of landscapes – from the coastal vistas of Moonee Beach and Tasmania’s Bruny Island, to the drier terrain of Fowler’s Gap, Hill End and Sofala. Rendered with her characteristic energetic approach to impasto, the artist’s new series ciphers inspiration from the landscape surrounding her rural studio in country New South Wales, with quirky caravans and rugged bushland. Nestled amongst twisted Gums and sprawling hillocks, the caravan is a little capsule of culture amidst a vast landscape of nature. It reminds us of the sublime immensity of the Australian bush against our own diminutive existence, whilst also evoking adventure and escape. Other paintings in the show represent Australia’s coastline as panoramic seascapes, atmospheric horizons and brooding shores, referencing a recent trip up the east coast.

Amanda Penrose-Hart | Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next
22 August – 15 September 2018
Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane


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