Issue 31

This issue breaks from convention as we feature two artists – Guy Maestri and Luke Sciberras. These two artists are not collaborators, but the very best of mates.  Other features include an interview with landmark South African photographer, Roger Ballenm, as well as features on Louisa Chircop, Leslie Rice and Angus Mcdonald. New York based writer Paul Flynn rounds up exhibitions on the East Coast, USA, and Trevor Weekes writes on the longevity of art works. Look forward to extended book reviews, previews, and whats on around the country in View Australia.


The highlights of Art Month this March
BLUT + BODEN – Gunter Christmann


Signs of the times by Lucy Stranger


LUKE SCIBERRAS & GUY MAESTRI by Elizabeth Fortescue, photography by Daniel Shipp


LOUISA CHIRCOP by Lucy Stranger
VERA MÖLLER by Jane O’Sullivan
ROGER BALLEN by Bridget Macleod
STIEG PERSSON by Kent Wilson
ANGUS MCDONALD by Katy Preston
LESLIE RICE by Anna Madeleine


Should artworks last forever? by Trevor Weekes
Madness, poetry and portraits by Paul Flynn
ART-maker, patron, lover by Owen Craven
Steal like an artist by AJ Edwards
33 artists in 3 acts by Charles P Patton
Process: Anh Do
Process: Jessica B Watson
Process: Hayden Fowler
Preview: David Lynch
Preview: Imagining Ned Kelly
Preview: James Turrell
Preview: Go East
View Australia
Discovery: Jasmine Targett


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