Issue 38

Artist Profile Issue 38 from Artist Profile on Vimeo.

IT IS ASTONISHING TODAY HOW the narrative of an artist’s work can alter with new conditions. In this issue of Artist Profile it appears differences in narrative are inevitable. Exposure to new places, cultures and histories can often release the unexpected in the artist’s chosen medium.

In Issue 38 of Artist Profile the cover story on John Firth-Smith has a fresh and objective narrative. After 50 years of painting by Firth-Smith we contemplate why his paintings have a crisper tactile quality, an immediacy and how these paintings explore his life and that of Hill End.


Cult of the Curator by Ashley Crawford


JOHN FIRTH-SMITH by Judith Pugh, photography by Stephen Oxenbury


FIONA MCMONAGLE by Lucy Stranger
ZOE YOUNG by Bridget Macleod
ANNA PLATTEN by Fulvia Mantelli
ROBERT BESANKO by Kon Gouriotis
JOE FROST by Georgina Cole
DEBRA DAWES by Kon Gouriotis


Preview: Mami Kataoka’s Biennale of Sydney, by Michael Young
Archive: James Doolin, by Paul McGillick
Project: Mai Nguyen-Long’s Vietnamese residencies
Process: George Tilianakis
Process: Chase Archer
Preview: The National, by Melissa Pesa
View Australia
Discovery: Martin George

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