Lincoln Austin | Sometimes I like to Pretend I’m A Robot

Medium is as varied as subject in Lincoln Austin's twentieth solo exhibition 'Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a robot'.

Divided between separate gallery spaces, Austin presents the exhibition in three parts comprising,  coloured sculptural, two-dimensional and video works; black, white, and black-and white works (in the form of sculptures, embossings and inkjet prints); and a work that merges mediums in a  video-sculptural installation.

With a focus upon optics and illusions, the works embrace the visual. The hand-crafted static artworks come to life once the viewer is engaged.  Austin’s compositions play with the eye to extend the lines of paintings, or the movement of sculptures out into the viewer’s space.

Linked by concept rather than material, Austin’s prowess as an artists is on full display with his diverse sculptures made of wire, rock, glass, acrylic, aluminium, fibreglass fly-wire and wax nylon thread. Shown together there is movement between the delicate and the solid, the ephemeral and the tactile.

Partnered alongside the three-dimensional are shimmering two-dimensional works made of nylon tulle and matte board. As with his sculptures and video work, the nylon works play with optics – the textural shimmer catching the light creating movement as the eye moves along the geometric works.

‘Sometimes I pretend I’m a robot’ thrives on its affinities but even more so its diversity of form and content. Highly engaging, it presents an artist that is continually pushing himself in different directions and mediums, yet inherently anchored by his fascination with the optic.


Lincoln Austin | Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a robot
Until 25 November
Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane

Courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane.

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