Sydney East Art Walk

Our talented work experience arts writer Erin Oataway lets you in on the highlights of the ‘Sydney East Art Walk’ this weekend.


The Art Walk

Wander through the open doors of 19 art galleries on Saturday 6  June 2015 between 12 and 4pm and become intrigued by the mesmerising talent of established artists,with their current works on display. This walk is welcome to all whether art lovers or not, to experience captivating artwork, enjoy an odd nibble or two and free wine from the generosity of the participating galleries.

On Saturday you can attend any of the partaking galleries to obtain an ‘ArtWalk Map’ which includes the whereabouts of the galleries, the artists included and suggested routes to visit (or re-visit) any or all of the galleries. It is a unique opportunity to partake in all that ‘Sydney East ArtWalk’ offers, to kick back on a lazy Saturday afternoon and, at your leisure, enjoy the free snacks, drinks and spectacular artworks.

For a map and program of participating galleries click here.

Artist Insight

We are delighted to announce that inside three galleries, within walking distance of one another, three half-an-hour Artist Talks will be held for viewers’ interest.  Visitors can enjoy a relaxed ‘geez’ around the exhibitions displayed and make their way to each venue, and all are most welcome to listen to these Artists talks’ which are specially marked in the galleries listings.

Hayden Fowler’s Your Death exhibition is a new photographic series which documents his ongoing performance project in which he obtains tattoos on his body in remembrance of the catastrophic bird extinctions of New Zealand. The ‘South Island Kokako’ bird was the first tattoo of the series on his torso, in which the ‘Laughing Owl’ followed on his chest.  This series continues the project that he instigated in 2007 in Auckland after images of the lost ‘Huia’ was etched into his back. ‘Your Death’, for Fowler, symbolises the pervasive and tangible absences of these magnificent birds in the landscape. Hayden Fowlers’ absorbing ‘Artist Talk’ will be in Gallery 9 at 1pm.

James Tylor is an artist who explores various issues of identity and cultural representation through his art. He predominantly uses daguerreotype (a photographic process which a photo is created on an iodine-sensitized silvered plate) and wet plate photographic processes to create his art. This early form of photography was used by Aboriginals and Maoris’ to document their culture. In James’s latest exhibition ‘DeCookolisation’, he uses this photographic process to depict places in the South Pacific which were named by the British colonials. Tylor will also be producing an interesting talk at 2pm in the ‘Stills Gallery’.

Denise Silvestro will round off the talks,  presenting a captivating talk at 3pm at ‘The Cross Art Projects’ which is one not to miss!

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