The Fashion Week Project by Daniel Shipp

Piers Lembke-Hogan, Intern Manager, 2010

Piers Lembke-Hogan, Intern Manager, 2010

Photographer Daniel Shipp, who has worked with ARTIST PROFILE on shoots for Alexander Seton (Issue 11) and Deborah Kelly (Issue 12) has just launched a new project – The Fasion Week Project. In May this year, Shipp spent 5 days behind the scenes of the 15th Rosemount Australian Fashion Week photographing the faces we don’t normally see – the backstage staff and crew.

Shipp is driven by his own idea of beauty. And, as an immensely talented portrait photographer, his photographs are driven by the overwhelming desire to capture character. His deep fascination with light and the cinematic aesthetic produces bold and captivating images. This latest project further engages the concepts and fascinations that underlie his practice and present the faceless personalities of the fashion world, as Shipp explains in his artist statement:

“I am as interested in the wallflower as I am the show stopper. I have my own idea of beauty.

Fashion Week brings to mind a string of images. With this project I wanted to look beyond those images just a little and study the people who work behind the scenes at an event like Fashion Week.

“In May 2010, during the five days of the 15th Rosemount Australian Fashion Week I worked with an assistant to hunt down and photograph around one hundred of the people working at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney. Utilising a 3×2 metre space that was overflowing with people and equipment, I photographed the faces you are looking at which belong to people such as stage hands, show producers, cleaners, hair and makeup artists, volunteers and management.”

A selection of prints from the project are currently installed and on exhibition in the window of Belinda, William Street, Paddington as part of the Sydney Fashion Festival Satellite Program, until 28 August, 2010.

Installation Shot

Installation Shot

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    Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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