AGNSW and Artist Del Kathryn Barton launch education program

The Art Gallery of New South Wales in partnership with State Street has announced a new education program called State Street Learning for Life.   Over the next three years the Gallery’s goal has centred towards innovating through education; increasing and diversifying the art programs available to students, families and the public.

Two-time Archibald prize winning artist Del Kathryn Barton has delightedly accepted the role as the State Street Learning for Life ambassador, stating her aim is ‘to encourage as many people – particularly young people – to experience art in the hope that this will inform and enhance their lives’.  The importance of education and making art accessible to younger generations is a clear objective, with Barton stating ‘that involvement in the arts including the visual arts has wide-ranging benefits for young people throughout their entire life’.

The dynamic partnership of AGNSW, State Street and Del Kathryn Barton will see a commitment to art education and a potential doubling of participants in the Gallery programs according to Michael Brand, director.  Beginning 18 May 2014, Third Sundays at the Gallery will allow visitors to engage with at least five hours of art programs on a monthly basis.  Later in the year the Gallery will introduce a Gallery Kids Festival Day on 21 September and in November launch Art Sets, a program involving visitors collecting and sharing works from the Gallery’s expansive collection.

The funding will also be directed to expanding education programs for students, such as developing Sydney Students Speak.  Lochiel Crafter, head of State Street Global Advisors for Asia Pacific stated that ‘the State Street Learning for Life program allows us to inspire, nurture and educate future generations of innovators in Australia’.  This focus involves improving the accessibility of art by providing resources for more disadvantaged high schools to visit, as well as creating greater assistance for visitors who are vision and hearing impaired to experience artworks.

Director Michael Brand emphasises this focus as ‘the most significant commitment to our education program in the Gallery’s history’.  Such enthusiasm and drive suggests an exciting next three years for the Gallery and its visitors.

State Street Learning for Life

Del Kathryn Barton and students in front of Robert Owen’s Cadence #1 2003 (A Short Space of time) 2003
Photograph courtesy of AGNSW

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