Dominik Mersch Gallery represents Angus McDonald

Dominik Mersch Gallery and Angus McDonald are pleased to announce their new partnership. The partnership will be launched with ‘DELUGE’, an exhibition of paintings and drawings at Dominik Mersch Gallery, opening on the 30th of July 2015.


In DELUGE, the artist continues to explore metaphysical ideas of light and narrative picture making. Using a unique process of imagery creation and manipulation as a basis for his work, Angus McDonald applies his characteristic focus on technique to create a bold and provocative new collection of oil paintings and drawings.

“I’m very excited to be able to announce my representation with Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney. Dominik Mersch is a highly respected and successful gallerist in the Australian art scene with enormous passion and energy. Dominik Mersch Gallery has a reputation for representing a range of high calibre contemporary artists from Australia and overseas who are pushing their practices to create innovative and strongly aesthetic work that adds to the story.

It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to be invited to join this gallery and its phenomenal stable of artists. I’m grateful for Dominik’s support. It’s a great step at a fantastic stage in my career and I’m excited about the new challenge.” says Angus McDonald

Dominik Mersch comments about the partnership, “I am delighted to welcome Angus McDonald to the Dominik Mersch Gallery stable. Angus and I have known each other for many years, we have built a good camaraderie and mutual professional respect.Angus is a remarkable artist whose work I admire for its technicality, precision and appreciation of the sublime. Angus is curious and open minded in his practice with international experience and influences, traits that are complimentary to the gallery’s ethos. I am looking forward to working together on this next phase of his career.“

The partnership is officially announced on the 25th of February 2015 with selected works available for viewing in the stockroom.

‘DELUGE’ at DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY exhibitions dates are: 30th July 2015 to 22nd August 2015.

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