Anne Ferran: Shadow Land

Anne Ferran: Shadow Land is an insightful and evocative look at the career of Anne Feran, spanning over 30 years.


Published alongside Ferran’s survey exhibition staged this year as part of the Perth International Arts Festival, the book outlines the established photo-media artist’s major contributions to feminism and representations of our haunting colonial histories.

Including some of her more iconic works, from the rayograph images to the sombre landscapes and the troubling histories of institutions such as Old Fremantle Prison and abandoned asylums, Ferran’s multimedia works expose the absent stories that were previously blind spots in history. Thoughtfully designed with full bleed images, the essay by Sydney-based women’s art expert Susan Best provides an insightful chronology of Ferran’s practice.

Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of a reflective interview between Thierry de Deuve and Ferran about her dynamic practice in the arena of contemporary photography. The integrated essays and photography result in a visually compelling reveal of Ferran’s work. Beautifully laid out, the book mirrors the role of Ferran’s poetic works – a poetic tribute to the past and the stories that were overshadowed by today.

Author: Susan Best and Thierry de Duve
Publisher: Power Publications and the Lawrence Wilson Gallery Paperback
RRP: $35.00

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