BEAMS Arts Festival 2014

This month look forward to the return of BEAMS Arts Festival Saturday 20 September, a night that will immerse the lane ways of Chippendale with a kaleidoscope of colour, light and sound. 


Hosted by the Chippendale Creative Precinct and opened by Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the festival will light up Balfour Street and the 8 surrounding lane ways with over 120 exhibits that range from site specific installation, interactive works, film, light and animation, performance and dance, live music, creative workshops and outdoor dining.

After last year’s street party with over 10 000 people attending BEAMS, the integration of art, music and festivities within the urban landscape has proven to be a great success.

With the underlying aim of revitalising the creative community with established and emerging talent, this year’s theme is UTOPIA, with BEAMS embracing works that open up new dialogues about the future of Sydney’ urban landscape.

In dialogue with the urban surrounds, architectural installations by renowned Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) are hitting the streets of Chippendale. Fusing elements of nature and technology, LAVA offers both an entrancing coral cave to investigate and dynamic light sculptures of Origami Tigers prowling above the BEAMS crowd.

Using the night to her advantage, Jan Cleveringa’s light installation with 30 000 fluorescent light tubes will prove hypnotic to the eye.  Whilst Viera Sofanova’s 3 meter wide dream-catcher will float above the heads of diners seated at the 40 meter long communal dining table.

Look forward to exploring Zoe Edema’s inspired Castle in the Sky, a site-specific installation that will send the audience into unexpected places and visions of utopia.

For music lover’s this year’s program includes musicians performing consecutive sets on the main stage, including duo Jack and Elmo, electric duo Ataractic and self-described rock and roll artist Forster Anderson.  As the night progresses, solo acts will transform into bands with Lana Rita producing soulful jazz tunes and Frieda’s Boss bringing Jamaica’s dance hall scene to the Chippendale area, whilst within the winding lanes acoustic performances intermingle with art installations.

The 2014 program of 350 creatives – performance artists, actors, architects, comedians, dancers, entertainers, musician’s, poets and creative contemplators – promises a night for the fun and the fanciful.  It is a celebration of the creative engagement of talent and intriguing innovation within the urban centre.

BEAMS Art Festival
Saturday 20 September
5 – 10pm
Chippendale Creative Precinct

Image 1: Chriss Bosse, Director LAVA, ‘Digital Origami Tigers’
Image 2: Tod Fuller & Carl Sciberras, Flatline, ‘Building Landscapes’, photographer Anya Mckee
Courtesy Chippendale Creative Precinct

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