Dominik Mersch Gallery Curator Award 2015

Something’s been brewing at Dominik Mersch Gallery.

Working with the 2015 winners of the inaugural Dominik Mersch Gallery Curator Award, the gallery opens the new exhibition Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens today.

Announced as curators of the exhibition, Bev Shroot and Louise Thoeming impressed judges with their insightful curatorial proposal.

“We are completely thrilled to have been selected as the winners of the inaugural Dominik Mersch Gallery Curator Award,” said Bev and Louise. “We are also delighted and surprised given the calibre of some of the proposals and contenders that we had heard about on the commercial gallery grapevine.”

The 2015 winners were selected by a panel of judges including Gallery Director Dominik Mersch and guest judge Glenn Barkley, independent curator and artistic director of Art Month 2015.

Commenting upon the decision making process, Dominik Mersch said, “the proposal responded directly to the competition brief, as well as displaying creativity, insight and curiosity.”

Organising works by eight artists who consider the idea of ‘the other’, Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens explores groups marginalised by mainstream beliefs and interests that dominate their own. The works featured are diverse in their articulations of the feelings of alienation and detachment that human existence can bring.

The artists selected include As One, Ching-Hui Chou, Locust Jones, Madeline Preston, Meng-Yu Yan, The Refugee Art Project, Tim Johnson and Yvette Hamilton.

Including an engaging program, the public is invited to a series of talks with the curators on Saturday, 10 October at 1:30pm and Thursday, 15 October at 6pm.

Presenting an exhibition of striking and unique works, the themes of isolation and anxiety in many ways suggest that we are all forms of outsiders. It promises to be an emotive exhibition that highlights our own ways of pretending to be what we are not.

Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens
1 October – 17 October
Dominik Mersch Gallery

Courtesy the artists and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

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