Exhibition: Mark Kimber – Side Show Valley

Be drawn into the drama and atmosphere of Mark Kimber’s Side Show Valley exhibition. 

Buffalo-Bill-conjures-the-spirit-of-Annie-Oakley--Mysterious narratives are evoked by Kimber with his handmade dioramas and the soft focus and unpredictable quality of analogue plastic cameras.  Kimber stretches the capacity of photography to blur the line between truth and fantasy, with his subjects illusive and provoking to the realms of memory.  Inspired by his son’s discarded action figures, Kimber rebuilds them with new identities exploring social configurations of perfection and imperfections.  Each figure challenges what is socially “acceptable”.  Enticing and provoking, Kimber invites the viewer to assess the figures and ourselves, the ideal and the real, what we try to be and what we become.


Stills Gallery
20 August – 20 September 2014
36 Gosbell Street Paddington


Image: Buffalo Bill conjures the spirit of Annie Oakley pigment print 50cm x 50cm 2014
Courtesy the artist and Stills Gallery

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