Issue 37 on sale 10 November

Change matters in this issue of Artist Profile.


Our cover artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn understands the dangers and happiness of change with her recent focus on the Mekong River. This is a sharp change from her distinctive paintings that related to the Australian bush and her Lao heritage. Similarly Ken Done shares this environmental focus, explaining his passion for sea turtles, painting the Great Barrier Reef and travelling to Antarctica to create his most recent works. And we discover why Guan Wei’s visions of inclusion and exclusion between Australia and China have made him the most outstanding dual identity artist.

Idris Murphy steps up to the soap box for our quarterly ISSUE, whilst Sydney Morning Herald art critic, John McDonald, writes on a topic that is close to the heart for a lot of Australian painters. With our in-depth features we catch up with artists including Merran Esson, Tom Arthur, and David Frank to name just a few, each at significant turning points in their careers.

We hope this issue of ARTIST PROFILE will open your mind to change.

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