Sneaky-Lc-copy-725940LUKE CAVALAN (aka Lc Beats) is a Sydney young aerosol artist, beat-boxer, claymation filmmaker and graduate of AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School). Thanks to sponsorship from 567 King graffiti art supply store in Newtown and Australian aerosol paint company Ironlak, he’s produced his second claymation, single frame stop-animation feature film KAOS IN KING STREET—20 minutes long, 12 months in the making and tackling a tough new legal regime confronting the local street art scene.

Kavlan has created claymation caricatures of well-known Sydney graffiti artists Teazer, Pnash, Phibs and Mystery—right down to their mini nike airmax—and built a storyline set in the streets of Newtown that looks at the effects on the urban landscape of the recently enacted anti-graffiti laws, which state any person in possession of a spray can be arrested. The artists have created miniature versions of their work for his miniature urban streets.

“I wanted the small scale sets to mirror the actual streets of Newtown”, Cavalan said, “so I invited the artists to create their signature work on a small scale.”

For some great images and information on his claymation process, check out his blog here. And below is the teaser for the film, which will be launched at 6 March, 6-10pm at the contemporary art space—AT THE VANISHING POINT—565 King Street Newtown, Sydney.

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