Moments of Freedom | Marie J. Engelsvold

As far as the twenty-first century goes, instagram could be seen as a medium that intertwines the fates of otherwise geographically distant individuals. It was through this app that the serendipitous meeting between The Egg & Dart's Gallery Manager Ann Eklund and Danish artist Marie Engelsvold occurred, resulting in Engelsvold's first exhibition in Australia. 

Since Ann Eklund arrived to The Egg & Dart in 2013 from Sweden, there has been an underlying plan to introduce Scandinavian aesthetic as a new facet to the gallery.

After seeing Engelsvold’s work on instagram,  Eklund was prompted to make a quick trip to visit the artist’s studio in Cophenhagen in 2015. The result? Now only a year later, Moments of Freedom is opening this Friday 11 March, bringing international art to Thirroul.

Whilst Engelsvold has exhibited extensively in Denmark, this is her first solo exhibition in Australia. Moments of Freedom presents whimsical and playful works that play with the viewer’s eye as they appear to transition between the two and three-dimensional.

Discussing her process, Engelsvold states, “My main media is drawing, collages and sculpture. Often I work with the same ‘subject’ producing both drawing and sculpture. I like to transform the flatness of the drawings into a three-dimensional physical form – in that way it becomes more alive and a kind of being in it’s own right.”

From the delicacy of paper to the tactility of wool, the Engelsvold combines seemingly incongruous materials into works of beautiful fragility.

“Materials are essential to me. I like to explore different materials such as paper, textile, wood, yarn, foam, rubber, household paint, acrylic paint and ink. Combining different materials not usually fitted together, giving the works an awkward fragility. Humour and playfulness are important elements in my work process, and the composition and selection of materials helps to emphasize the quirky and absurd.”

Exciting, fun and a bringing a new aesthetic to Australian art, Moments of Freedom promises to be a refreshing exhibition to attend this month.

Marie J. Engelsvold | Moments of Freedom
11 March – 9 April
The Egg & Dart

Courtesy the artist and The Egg & Dart, Thirroul.

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