Minky Opens A Gallery

Acclaimed writer-director Joanna Weinberg premieres her brand new work at the Chippen St Theatre for Sydney Fringe Festival, starring comedian and actor Jodine Holli Wolman.

Minky Opens A Gallery is a satirical take on the Sydney art establishment, submersing the audience into the alternatively glitzy and sordid world of art dealing. With a chameleon-like ability to transform herself, Wolman enacts all eighteen characters including Minky, a spoiled, sassy paparazzi magnet whose wealthy father has given her six weeks to make something of herself or be disinherited. Despite having no prior knowledge of art, Minky opens a gallery and is determined to shake up the art world and win her gallery infamy before the time is up.

This one-woman tour de force is a darkly comic play that examines many aspects of the contemporary female experience, from attempting to break into the largely male-dominated art world in Australia to the psychological impact of social media scrutinisation.

About her play, Weinberg comments, ‘As an art lover, I have long wanted to write about the contemporary art scene in Sydney … we prowled the art locales, incognito, observing and documenting the characters we met along the way. I was curious to explore the idea that someone with no previous knowledge, using only her wits, could get to grips with and ultimately triumph in such a rarified world. The character of Minky was dreamed up as a chance to feast our eyes on that ephemeral celebrity whom we hear about all the time on social media but don’t really understand as a human being.’

Minky Opens A Gallery
Sydney Fringe Festival
4 – 7 September 2019
Chippen St Theatre, Chippendale

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