Soda_Jerk, 2010, still from After the Rainbow

Dynamo video artist duo Soda_Jerk have been at it again. Their current work titled After the Rainbow is a 2-channel video installation that investigates the temporal dimensions of cinema.

Known for their work in found audio and visual samples this video is Soda_Jerk’s second installment in “The Dark Matter Cycle” – a series of video remixes that explore the notions of time travel and its relationship between recorded media to the passage of time.

Soda_Jerk have engaged the opening sequence of the 1939 Hollywood hit The Wizard of Oz to delve into the fantasy world of cinema and the reality of Judy Garland’s tragic life. The famous twister, instead of carrying Dorothy to Oz, transports the young and hopeful Garland into the future where she encounters her real life older self.

Originally commissioned for Melbourne’s Next Wave festival, After the Rainbow is now on exhibition at Kudos Gallery, Sydney.

Kudos Gallery
6 Napier Road, Paddington
T +61 2 9326 0034

Until Saturday 12 June
Open:  Wednesday-Friday 11am-6pm + Saturdays 11am-4pm (artist floor talk 2pm 12 June)

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