Stanthorpe Art Prize Win for Katherine Savage

A recent return to art is well rewarded.


Last Friday Katherine Savage was awarded the Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016 Award.

Receiving the $20,000, Savage was in quite a shock, commenting, “I recently started painting again after I retired at sixty and was not expecting this accolade,’ she exclaimed. “The piece was started when I was living in Warwick and there are many aspects of the region depicted in this work.”

Judges Ron Ramsey, Executive Director Art Society, NSW Art Gallery and Dr Kyla McFarlane, QAGoMA, Brisbane commented on the technical ambition of the piece. “Whilst most of the paintings for the art prize can be broadly divided into two categories, landscape and portraiture, this work incredibly captures both, incorporating numerous deftly realised portraits of the native fauna it depicts,’ the commented. “There is a lot of sheer enjoyment in this work for viewers of all ages.”

Congratulations to each winner in their respective categories, which included:

Emerging Artist Award – Nadja Burke. Gaia Fantasy. Porcelain.

Volunteers Choice Award – Helen Redmond. The Shed. Oil on canvas.

Significant 2D Work Award – Jane Grealy. Moonlight Trampoline. Charcoal on paper.

Significant 3D Work Award –  Julie Pennington. White Botanical. Porcelain.

Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016 Award – Katherine Savage. Around Here. Acrylic on board

Gallery Director Nicola Holly was extremely proud of the prize and the exhibition as an overall. “This year we had a record amount of entries (715) from artists all across the country and even the U.S.A and New Zealand. It’s a real testament to the gallery that we’ve become recognised as one of the leading art festivals in the country. I honestly can’t believe how much money we give away, it’s beyond life changing for an artist and I’m so proud to facilitate this prize,” she said.

If you are looking for an activity this weekend, the exhibition runs until 17 June with a variety of progams centered around the Art Festival.

Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016
Stanthorpe Regional Gallery
Until 17 June

Image: Katherine Savage pictured with Judges Ron Ramsey and Kyla McFarlane

Courtesy the artist and Stanthorpe Art Festival

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