Sydney Contemporary 2015

It’s that time of year again. For four days starting next Thursday 10 September, Sydney Contemporary invites the throbbing masses of artists, galleries and art fanatics into Carriageworks’ echoing halls – whatever the result it’s always a feast for the senses.


Whilst the idea of a 10,000 square metre footprint sounds like a hefty space to fill, with over 90 galleries from 13 countries joining this year there will be no space left to disappoint.

A notable highlight this year is undoubtedly Installation Contemporary. Protruding out and into the viewer’s space, there is something about installations that draw a crowd.  This year as part of Installation Contemporary, curators Glenn Barkley, Ivan Muñiz Reed and Holly Williams from The Curators’ Department have selected 18 art works by Australian and international artists to be placed throughout the footprint of the international art Fair.

Scaling the heights, exploring the shadows or exulting in the expanse, the commissioned works – from the minute to the monumental – aim to  interrupt, attract and immerse the wandering attention of the viewer.

Participating in Installation Contemporary are artists Tony Albert with Stephen Page, Gunjan Aylawadi, Vicky Browne with Simon Reece and Darren Seltmann, Ham Darroch, Scott Eady, Helen Eager, Glen Hayward, Gregor Kregar, Justine Khamara, Laith McGregor, Christine McMillan Callum Morton, Mylyn Nguyen, Stephen Ralph, Brian Robinson, Caroline Rothwell and Alex Seton.

As you wind through the galleries keep an eye out for these intriguing installations. Stand alone, art works by Callum Morton and Gregor Kregar avoid the path of subtly with their monumental works. Whilst the elusive work by Mylyn Nguyen requires a keen and patient eye – painstakingly installing a rendered troop of insects that quietly inhabit a spot below the ground.

Other works look to broaden the sensory experience, such as WeatherMaker by Caroline Rothwell and the collaborative new piece Conversation with Plants challenge the viewer’s perception of self and space. Rothwell combines sculpture, ceramics and electronics to capture and amplify sounds made by nature.

Showing strength in the numbers, yet stand alone in their unique forms and subject, the impressive range of works promise an engaging take on unique contemporary art practices.

With a jam-packed schedule that showcases the diversity of the contemporary Australian and international art scene, Sydney Contemporary is no simple art show. Appealing to the novice, the bemused, the art lover or curious buyer, programming includes guided tours, talks, educational workshops, kids activities, guest speakers and an extensive VIP Program.

And if you’re in need of another reason, hungry for a yarn or just a seat – we will be hanging out at the Fair enjoying a full course of art. Please pop by and say hello!

We also managed to sweet talk our way into a ticket discount for our readers – click here and follow the prompts for an neat Sydney Contemporary offer.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

10 – 13 September 2015

Images courtesy the artists and Sydney Contemporary 

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