The 2015 Hazelhurst Art on Paper Winners!

After a record number of 1500 entries by 760 artists were submitted, last Friday the winners of the Hazelhurst Paper Award 2015 were announced.

Winning the highly coveted $15,000 award was Glen Clarke, with his impressive work titled Peace Keeper. A dynamic work of folded shirts, Clarke used a variety of symbolic materials included paper, US dollars, Iraqi Dinar, and cotton thread.

Commenting on his conceptual practice, Clarke stated “Peace Keeper is just another irreverent whimsical attempt at discrediting or make fun of war and weapons, Give Peace a Chance, Make Love Not War. Just Spreading the Love.”

Lousia Chircop was awarded the Friends of Hazelhurst Local Artist prize of $5,000 with her work titled Interior Monolgoue – Carousel of Slaughter. Exploring the shadows of the self, Chircop’s surrealist works spawn images that are self-reflective about one’s own uncertainty, as well embodying a universal picture of morality, spirituality and physicality. You can read more about Chircop’s practice in the latest issue of Artist Profile.

The third prize for The Young and Emerging Artist, was won by Becc Orszag, receiving $5,000.  Her work titled Rehearsal for all are equal and all may be crowned emperor, used graphite, carbon and charcoal pencil layered on watercolour paper. The Packers Prize for an artist residency at Hazelhurst was won by Teo Treloar with Black Geometry.

An annual prize, each year Hazelhurst invite all artists to submit works on paper in a diverse range of paper media – including charcoal, ink, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, three dimensional works, photography, printmaking, video and paper animation.

Make sure you visit the exhibition of the 93 finalists, on display in the Hazelhurst Regional and Community Gallery until 26 July 2015. You can pick your favourite to win the People’s Choice Award of $1,000, which will close Friday 17 July.

Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2015
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre
Until 26 July

Courtesy the artists and the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre

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