‘The Beautiful Sky’ entwines China and France

Creating an object of lasting friendship between France and China, Chinese Australian artist Guan Wei created 'The Beautiful Sky' in November this year.


Continuing the legacy of art as diplomacy, Chinese-Australian artist Guan Wei was commissioned to create the work by the French Embassy, informed that the piece has been gifted by France to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Influenced by his French setting, Guan Wei Working constructed The Beautiful Sky at a ceramics factory in Henriot Quimper, France.

Rich in form and detail, the images on the vase are embedded with symbolism that entwines France and China’s relationship. As Guan Wei outlines,

“In every nation there is kind of culture about stars. Also, there are many beautiful legends and myths about the universe of stars.

In order to reflect the friendship between China and France, in this ceramic work The Beautiful Sky I drew the symbol of the French rooster and the Chinese dragon; the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall; a magnificent strong horse galloping, a symbolic loyal dog, a witty crab, a curious boy peeping at the world, and a graceful fairy and young Brittany man watch the magnificent, starry sky. The head of black and white represent Yin and Yang, which reflects the order and power of the universe. And finally, the sailing boat symbolizes people’s friendship towards a better future for generations.”

A careful balance of cultures, tradition and change, The Beautiful Sky is a beautiful testament to the power of art to reflect and instigate meaningful cultural relations.

Image 1 + 4: The Beautiful Sky, 2015, ceramic, 30 x 60cm, photographer  Fabienne Kerneis.
Image 2:  President of the factory Jean-Pierre Le Goff and Guan Wei with the art work, photographer  Fabienne Kerneis.
Image 3: Guan Wei working at Henriot Quimper France, 2015, photographer Emer Yang.

Courtesy the artist.

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