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Calling all artists, Amber Boardman wants to hear from you. And in response to your thoughts and musings, a neat painting of “Where Are They Now: Patrick” may come your way. Below Boardman explains the importance and drive behind this process of exchange.


I have recently posted one of my works, “Where Are They Now: Patrick”, on social media with an invitation for fellow artists called “I Want You To Have This Painting”. I am seeking stories from artists about why they connect to this painting. The stories will feed the development and growth of my work and will reward the best storyteller with a gift of the work itself. This initiative is designed to allow an artist the opportunity to “collect” one of my works in exchange for sharing what it means to them.

This painting of a middle aged Patrick (from Sponge Bob) comes from an ongoing series about fictional characters we may have known as children who have lived on beyond when we stopped watching them. Other examples in this series include “The Letter C” from Sesame Street, the Cynthia doll from Rugrats, and “Jem” from Jem and the Holograms.

At the heart of this gesture are three of the most important values I try to live by: connection, significance and contribution. I want to make work that connects with and touches people. One of the ways I find significance in life is by helping open audiences to new ideas and by helping people recast the way they value themselves through experiencing my work. Perhaps most of all, I want to make a contribution to individual people, art, society in general. Making a contribution to someone’s life through my work matters to me. And generosity is an essential part of my nature and well-being.

I am also committed to being the best painter I can be, and I see that this initiative, in line with my values of connection, significance and contribution, will help propel me towards that goal. For example, I know my work connects but I don’t often hear why. Through this gesture, I will better understand why my work touches so many people in deep and personal ways. This will inevitably help me to make better works. An ideal virtuous circle of improvement.

To contact Amber Boardman with your thoughts in exchange for an artwork go to her website below and follow the prompts, or email her at Info@amberboardman.com

Deadline Friday 2 December 2016

Instagram: @amberboardman

Image: Amber Boardman, “Where Are They Now: Patrick”
Courtesy the artist

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