William Robinson | Infinite Sphere

Published alongside Robinson’s latest exhibition William Robinson: Infinite Sphere at the William Robinson Gallery in Brisbane, this catalogue is an insightful survey of the full circle of the artist’s early career until now.


Inviting the reader into the oscillating world of Robinson, the catalogue includes rarely seen works from the 1970s, to the dramatic landscape perspectives of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and to his return in recent years to an enquiry into still life and domestic interiors. The catalogue is accompanied by an essay by Vanessa Van Ooyen, Senior Curator at the William Robinson Gallery, who sheds light upon Robinson’s analytical questioning and the development of his systematic approach to picture-making.

Delving into the literal and metaphorical themes that pervade Robinson’s work, the book orients the viewer to reject linearity and to embrace the flux of the artist’s multipoint perspective. An insightful exploration of the progression of Robinson’s practice with his dynamic landscapes and introspective meditations on his daily life, the book is an invitation to embrace the swirling worlds of William Robinson.

Author: Vanessa Van Ooyen
Publisher: William Robinson Gallery, Queensland University of Technology
RRP: $15.00


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