Zhu Peihong

Harvey Galleries presents the first Australian solo exhibition of paintings by contemporary Chinese artist Zhu Peihong.

Ciphering inspiration from his home city of Beijing, Peihong creates abstracted acrylic landscapes reflecting the dynamism of urban infrastructure. His ‘My Space’ series began with doodles of dead leaves and power lines, which gradually became abstracted until reaching, in the artist’s own words, a ‘simpler and purer’ reality. The stark, vibrant palette of the paintings reflects the optical saturation of the world’s most populous capital city, peppered with neon lights, cars, advertisements and buildings. In a quest for balance, Peihong distils this over-stimulating menagerie into nebulous blocks of colour that evoke psychedelic aerial views of the city. This is refracted in his painting process, which involves lying the canvas on a table and working from above, allowing the pools of acrylic to dry at their own will. Leaving areas of the whitewashed canvas blank, the artist ties shapes together with looped ‘threads’ to create a holistic, interconnected space, much like the modern, globalised city.

Zhu Peihong | My Space
9 – 29 March, 2018
Harvey Galleries, Mosman


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